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Robert is the company's primus motor for developing and refining Powrs services to meet new markets. 

With an extensive background from the telecom industry in product management and business development, he brought the experience into Fintech and, more specifically, Peer to Peer payments and payments security, focusing on the Nordic region, the Middle East, South America, and the Balkans.

He is passionate about the cashless and connected society and all the opportunities it opens up.

Robert Eirfjell
Simon Sköld


Head of Marketing & Communications

Simon handles the company's strategy and communications with investors, partners, and clients worldwide. 

He is a successful entrepreneur and a well-known influencer in diet and exercise in Sweden. Following his passion for sports and expertise in Martial-Arts, he built "Simon Says get in Shape," one of Sweden's biggest Online Coaching services. 

Now he is taking on a new challenge as a founder of Powrs and looking forward to bring his knowledge to this new project.


COO & Country Manager - Serbia

Mijat is responsible for the daily operations at POWRS as well as  our development and scale-up in Serbia and the Balkans region.


He is a tech-savvy leader with degrees in business operations management and information systems. For the past more than 15 years working at C-Level positions, he has successfully managed international organizations (in service and manufacturing industries), and also tech start-ups.


Mijat is dedicated to creating an environment for fair business and society, which puts a focus on growth and prosperity.

Anders Wiblom


Sales Director

Anders is our Sales Director, our specialist in coordinating and planning the company sales activities, with a focus on the Tourism Industry.

He has a background in creating, marketing and selling travel packages in the Nordic countries to major tours operators in Europe, as well as marketing the Nordic region as a tourist destination. 

Anders is a passionate entrepreneur and organizer who is exceptionally talented in coordinating people and organizations to work towards common goals to create synergetic effects.


Board member

Thomas is an experienced Sales Manager with a demonstrated history of working in company’s like Telia, Telenor, and Globalconnect that are in change and strong growth, from a sales and marketing perspective.

Thomas Bäckström
Ida Ruder


Research & UX

Ida has a broad background in advertising and marketing communication in tourism, sports, and fashion. 

She performs different research interviews with a focus on customers behaviors. On the other hand, she is leading our team with the UX development.

Ida is a dedicated skier who mixes her interest in health and creative activities in her free time.


Interim CTO

As Interim CTO, Ciprian will be focusing on harnessing the power of emerging technologies, collaborating with cross-functional teams, and driving innovation.

He has a background in financial services, working for ten years for two major banks with operations in Central and Eastern Europe and in the compliance field for Amazon, where he managed the operations for France, Italy, and Spain marketplace for two years. 

Ciprian is passionate about technology, implementing and optimizing business and compliance projects.

Petre Ciprian Dumitrascu
Thomas Lööv


Board member

Thomas has over 30 years of professional experience in Swedish innovation and industries such as Medtech, Fintech, Lifescience, and Swedish startup Arena.  

He is passionate about international relations, scale-ups, as well as business development.

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