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Vaulter Paylink protects travelers from fraudulent travel service providers and canceled flights with instant refunds, while making life easier for legitimate travel companies.

"With Powrs checkout solution - Vaulter, we strengthen confidence in the travel industry in Serbia with suppliers at our destinations."

Aleksandar Senicic, CEO YUTA Serbia

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Forget the days of unsafe transactions, with the Vaulter suite of service, you can safely pay in advance or sell products/services with the confidence of knowing that you will receive your end of the bargain safely.

Buyer and Seller agree on terms


Buyer sends the money to the vault


Seller delivers service/product


The terms of the agreement are met


Vaulter releases the money to the Seller

Your challenges, our solutions


Today, both buyers and sellers gamble on the other holding up their end of the deal, and because of a lack of trust, many simply chose not to make a deal at all.

We call this the buy-sell-dilemma


The travel market relies on payments far in advance, but due to a lack of trust, travellers pay closer and closer to the departure- date.

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Vaulter Paylink

There is a demand for trust and liquidity in the travel market, and new EU regulations for travel guarantees are on the horizon. Paylink meets these demands while slotting in perfectly with the upcoming laws.

Avaliable both seamlessly integrated with API, and as a standalone sevice, Webb, Vaulter Paylink makes payment requests as simple as sending an email.

Release Q3 2023
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Vaulter Dealmaker
Vaulter Dealmaker is built for Android and iOS and is designed by Powrs to solve the buy- and-sell dilemma by offering protection to both buyers and sellers when making deals with unknown people through their smartphones. 

The app protects both parties by holding the funds of a deal in a neutral space called the Vault until the conditions of the deal have been met.

An early version is out and avaliable on IOS and Android, scan the QR-code and download it today!

Full Release 2024

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