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Now, with our service Vaulter, both buyer and seller are protected from fraud with our smart contracts.

"We can now provide Limundo customers with payment protection that covers both parties until delivery is completed and the conditions are met. "

Vladimir Nikolic, CEO Limundo

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Forget the days of unsafe transactions, with Vaulter you can safely pay in advance or ship your products with the confidence of knowing that you will receive your end of the bargain safely.

Buyer and Seller agree on terms


Buyer sends the money to the vault


Seller ships the product


The terms of the agreement are met


Vaulter releases the money to the Seller

Your challenges, our solutions


Today the buyer pays without knowing if he will receive the ordered product, or the seller ships his product without knowing if he will be paid. We call this the buy-sell-dilemma


Making transactions on the internet with unknown persons can result in disputes, scams, or fraud. 


Now, paying in advance for a trip or vacation that will occur in the future comes with different risks. 

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Discover our services

Vaulter checkout
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Powrs can now offer e-commerce platforms a more secure checkout solution for their customers.

The Vaulter service is based on our smart contracts, where a trusted party keeps money safe until  the agreed upon conditions are met. 
With Vaulter Checkout, Powrs has solved the "buy-sell-dilemma" where the buyer does not want to pay until the product has been delivered and the seller does not want to deliver until payment has been confirmed.

Simply connect your e-commerce to Vaulter Checkout by registering an account and add one of our plugins for your website.

Release Q1 2023
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Vaulter app
The Vaulter app is built for Android and iOS and is designed to offer protection to both seller and buyer when making transactions with unknown people through their smartphones.

The app uses the same principle as our checkout service - enabling smart payments for its users. 

Release Q1 2023
Vaulter travel 
We have all experienced the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the most affected businesses was the travel industry. At Powrs we believe that a total transformation is neccesary to regain trust from travelers and suppliers, but there are few new solutions.

So, we built a smart payment service to  protect all parties equally.

A customer can now safely book a vacation, knowing that the payment is protected against canceled flights and potential refund hassles. At the same time, the organizers and their suppliers are guaranteed full payment upon delivery.

Release Q2 2023
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